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Laptop Power has been in the laptop repair business since 2008. With years of experience, we have seen most problems that could occur at different situations. We believe the keys of laptop repair are the quality work, fast turn around time and reasonable price.

If you are living in the region of Great Toronto Area (GTA), including Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Etobicoke, North York, Toronto, Scarborough, Markham, Richmond Hill, you can simply drop in to our repair center at 5500 Tomken Rd, Unit 5, Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 2Z4.

Beside the regular drop-in service, we also offer low-cost, easy-to-use ship-in service. For a flat rate of $29.99, anywhere within Canada, we will ship you a safe-ship box with a pre-paid return shipping label. The shipping cost of returning to you is also included.

In order to help our customers to better diagnosis their laptop problems, we have summarized some most common problems together with the solutions here. It will help you to get some rough ideas on what the problem could be, how to diagnosis it and the cost of repairing. In addition, please feel free to use our online chat or call us directly at 1-800-398-6925 to talk to one of our experienced technical support representatives that available in our regular business hours.

Problem 1: Broken Laptop LCD Display

Problem Description: It’s usually due to an accident drop. You will see the laptop display is broken. There are cracks inside or out of the laptop display.

Replace the LCD screen is the only choice. Laptop Power has wide range of laptop LCD / LED screens in stock, including 8.9’’, 10’’, 10.1’’, 10.2’’, 11.6’’, 12.1’’, 12.5’’, 13.3’’, 14.0’’, 14.1’’, 14.5’’, 15.4’’, 15.6’’, 16’’, 17.1’’, 17.3’’ and 18.4’’. They will cover most of the major brands and models. Please select the right screen and installation service from our catalog. The screen replacement is usually a fast turn around job. We usually can do it within one day and the labor cost is as low as $20.

Before replacing screen, we would highly recommend to make a simple test. Please connect your laptop to an external monitor by using a vga cable, use function key to switch the display from the laptop to external display. If it displays properly on the external monitor, it mostly only the screen needs to be replaced. Otherwise, it might have some other issues.

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Problem 2: Broken dc power Jack

Problem Description: The laptop will work on battery power, but not on AC adapter. You will see the physical broken dc power jack inside the laptop, or feel loose. The battery will not charge anymore, or only charges when you wiggle the adapter to certain angle.

Replace the dc power Jack. To replace a dc power jack, it usually requires disassembling the laptop completely. Depends on the model of the laptop, the dc power jack might require solder or with a harness that you can plug on the mother board.

Please use our catalog to browse the right dc power jack for your laptop model. If you like to do it by yourself, you can also watch our dc power jack replacement instruction video that available on the product page.

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Problem 3: Broken, Sticky or non-functional laptop keyboard

Problem Description: Physical, liquid damages on laptop keyboard are very common. It will be easy to fix if only one key is damaged and the hinge under the cap is not broken. You can simply find the right angle and clip the cap on. However, if there are multiple keys damaged, or liquid spilled on the keyboard, in most cases, you need to replace the whole keyboard.

You can browse our catalog and find the right keyboard for your laptop. It’s an easy and fast job to replace most of the keyboards. The labor cost is usually under $20. You can also watch the laptop keyboard installation instruction video on the product page if you like to replace it by yourself.

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Problem 4: Laptop is over-heating and shut down by itself

Problem Description: You can feel the laptop is very hot after turning on for sometime. It might shut down by itself and work again after cool down. The over-heating usually causes by the bad laptop cpu fan or circulation problem.

The laptop cpu fan is the major component that circulates the air. A non-functional laptop cpu fan can cause the laptop over-heat in a few minutes. In this case, the laptop cpu fan needs to be replaced. Dust or dirt inside the laptop is also the reason that can cause the laptop over-heat.

Laptop Power has wide range of the laptop cpu fan in stock for major brands, like Acer, Apple, Asus, Dell, Compaq, HP, IBM/ Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, etc. Please use our catalog to find the right laptop cpu fan.

To replace the laptop cpu fan is not hard but time-consuming work. It requires disassembling the laptop completely. It will usually take one day and the labor cost is usually around $40 - $60.

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Problem 5: Laptop is making noise

Problem Description: Laptop is working fine except it will make weird noise while running. This problem usually causes by either your laptop cpu fan or hard drive. We have descripted the solutions for laptop cpu fan at Problem #4 above. If the noise come from you hard drive, stop everything and backup all your important data! The hard drive might fail at any moment.

The hard drive replacement is also very simple. We have listed the compatible hard dive based on the laptop models in our catalog. Laptop Power also offer complete data backup service. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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Problem 6: Laptop Battery won’t charge or won’t hold charge

Problem Description: All the batteries have their life cycle. It’s usually up to 300-500 charging cycles for Li-on batteries (most of the laptop battery). If the battery can still be charged in the laptop, but not holding as long as before, it’s the time to replace your battery.
Laptop Power has batteries for Acer, Acer, Apple, Asus, Dell, Compaq, HP, IBM/ Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, etc. We only sell high-quality, long-lasting batteries from prestigious manufacturers. Please use our catalog to find the right battery that fits laptop model.

If the battery suddenly won’t take any charge, you should check your AC adapter and dc power jack. The simple way to check your ac adapter is to remove the battery from the laptop and try to turn on the laptop by using only ac power. If the laptop won’t turn on, the ac adapter needs to be replaced. Also, please use our catalog to find out the right adapter. If the laptop turns on by ac power, you will need to check your dc power jack to make sure it is not loose or broken. For detail, please read our description on problem #2.

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Problem 7: Laptop turns on but no display at all.

Problem Description: This problem can be caused by different reasons. From the failure of the lcd display to the mother board problem. The first step of self- diagnosis is to connect the laptop to an external monitor by using a vga cable. You can switch the display from the laptop to monitor by pressing the function keys. It will narrow down the problem to only the display parts (lcd, inverter, lcd cable, etc) if the image on the external monitor is normal. Otherwise, it could be some problems related to the mother board.

At Laptop Power, we have most of the LCD / LED laptop screen, LCD inverter, LCD / LED cables in stock. They are all available on our catalog. You can also get some idea of the installation by watching our instruction videos.

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Problem 8: Laptop has very dim or garbled display

Problem Description: Dim or garbled display mostly caused by the bad laptop screen, backlight inverter or display cable (the cable connects lcd to the mother board). Please read our description in Problem #7 and #1 for more detailed information.

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Problem 9: Laptop doesn’t turn on at all

Problem Description: There has no light at all when you push the power button. The laptop does not show any sign of turning on, either on ac or battery power. Also, this can be caused by many reasons. First step of self- diagnosis is to eliminate the problem of failure ac adapter. The battery will drain completely if the ac is bad. You can easily test the ac adapter by using a multi-meter. Step two is to make sure the dc power jack is not loose or broken. We have explained all these above. If both of these two are fine, mostly, the laptop has some problem on the mother board.

At Laptop Power, we repair the laptop from component level. Our experienced technicians have the ability to diagnosis the problem by using special tools and knowledge. So, it’s not always means that your laptop is totally dead if the mother board has problems. Actually, we can fix more than 80% mother board related problems in a fast turn-around period of time.

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